AI-driven ESG Metrics
for a Sustainable Future

Measure your ESG metrics automatically,
and improve your sustainable impact.


For companies in manufacturing, logistics, agrifood & any other industry.

We do the Science for you.

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Reduce Risks

Compliance can make or break your company's reputation. Avoid scandals and greater financial risk due to bad practices.

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Attract Investors

ESG criteria are an increasingly popular way for investors to evaluate companies. Attract their interest with the right metrics.

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Reduce Costs

Know where to target your optimizations & decrease your usage of energy, carbon and water, saving money & time.

Solutions across industries and lines of business.

Solution 1

Discover and Measure your environmental impact.

Get precise measurements of over 16 environmental and social indicators, combining your processes data with satellite images and sensors.

Carbon Footprint

Energy Efficiency


Labor Practices

Solution 2

Control your ESG risks and lower them.

Catch your sustainability hotspots at a glance, and focus on the efforts that make the biggest impact to lower your ESG risks. Deliver an objective overview of your ESG risk and potential to your stakeholders.


Alerts & Triggers

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